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Christmas Craze

Check out this elaborate and exciting Christmas stage from First Baptist Church in Lafayette. This awesome stage incorporates floating plastic snowflakes, color-changing lit piano stages, Christmas lights, candles, and most everything else that could put you in the Christmas spirit!

The round bases you see on stage were made out of steel by a church member because they had to hold the weight of a pianos. The 2 larger ones are 10′ in diameter, 3′ high. The 2 smaller ones are 8′ in diameter and 18″ high. The bases are wrapped in 4mm Natural Coroplast. Natural is a translucent color and it diffuses the light really well. They ordered 25 (4’X8′) sheets which ran them a little under 500 bucks. From the inside of them they used Elation LED strips, 2 per 10′ dia. and 1 for each of the smaller ones.

Also in the set design they used over 200 plastic snowflakes. Some had frosted tips and some were totally clear. On the front of the stage are custom candle holders made by their steel/welder church member. All of the other candles (besides the ones on the holders) were LED candles. 6 HighEnd Studio Spots and 4 Cyberlights were also used.

Thanks to Noble Mosby – Director of Worship Technologies at FBC for submitting this.

Talk to Noble Mosby if you have questions about the design and post your questions here! –

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2 responses to “Christmas Craze”

  1. mike says:

    great look!

    what size are those plastic snowflakes? do you know where I can order a large quantity? Also, how far apart is the spacing for the net of christmas lights between the back pillars? Did they have DMX control for any of the Christmas lights, or were they left on throughout the event?

  2. Anna says:

    Hi! i’m kind of new in decorating churches, and i’m at First Slavic Baptist Church in Oregon. Would you be so kind and explain how you put those lights up on the wall below the molding? do you start from the bottom or top and do you have outlets on top or bottom also? THank you in advance :) love your ideas

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