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Flowing Trees

Scott LeBeau/Anna Moos from New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO brings us this stage design inspired by a store front window.

First they built triangle frames ranging from 4 to 13 feet tall. All of their frames were made out of 2×4’s including the bases that keep them up right. The next step was the Coroplast. They laid the Coroplast down on the floor, then put the frame over it, so they could create their 4 inches of overlay from the frame. From there they started the sketching of the tree itself onto the Coroplast. Once they landed on the design they liked, they used box knives to cut everything out.

Mounting the Coroplast pieces to the 2×4 frames was simply securing them with staples. With Coroplast being light weight, the staples held without issue. Final step was painting them. They started with flat dark grey auto primer spray paint to give them the base coat. From there they layered it with silver metallic. The process was time consuming, but to get the look they wanted, they would just go back and forth with grey and silver until they had the texture they liked from a far. They used white metallic for the tops of the trees.

Lighting for each of the trees had a LEE 201 filter on it. This gave them warm temp at low percentages and then a cooler look at higher percentages.




Down Home Christmas Tightly Lined

2 responses to “Flowing Trees”

  1. Steven Hall says:

    Scott LeBeau, Anna Moos,

    Great job! That set looks outstanding! I love the detail especially to the lighting! Way to be rockstars!


  2. Kris says:

    The set looks awesome! Was the coroplast painted to reflect depth, or was it cut and layered to create those shadows?

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