Stage Designs

Closed Over Me

Jody Smith from Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, GA brings us this lovely LED tape design.

They constructed 8x12ft bars that were hung vertically and 8x16ft bars that were suspended horizontally over the stage bringing the stage set out over the front edge of the audience. They used layered 1×4 ripped in half to make their own “ply” strips that would mitigate flex. (There was almost no flex in the bars which made them look awesome.) They used 16mm aluminum Channel to diffuse the LEDs and achieve an almost-neon appearance. All painted black so the rigging disappeared into the negative space.

The bars were rigged to a lowered Sched 40 lighting bar, and aircraft cabled up to their grid. The old set was way overdue for an overhaul and they wanted something clean and simple.

Budget was $2k which was mostly tied up in LED tape, controllers, and lumber.

  • 16x RGBW led strips
  • 2x RGBW-DMX controllers
  • 70m of LED Channeling and diffuser
  • 1×4 high grade pine lumber
  • Misc screws, glue, solder, cabling, rigging hardware etc.

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