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Dividing Your Room

If you’re in a portable space like a gym or just dealing with a building that needs to be flexible for multiple purposes, room dividers are a huge assets. Allow me to introduce you to one of our sponsors, Screenflex. They’ve been a huge part of making CSDI happen, and they have some great solutions for room dividing.

Many people use pipe and drape to divide rooms, but you have issues with noise bleed.

Screenflex builds portable room dividers that are more rigid with actually acoustical properties to help reduce noise bleed.

They can easily roll anywhere at any time. This allows you to quickly change a room configuration in seconds. Ideal for children’s rooms or VBS where you need more flexibility. They can be set up straight, curved, or in any shape configuration you need. Plus you can tack things to the walls to extend their usability.

The sound dampening makes it ideal for multiple classrooms or things where you need isolated areas of sound. Plus they’re all made in the USA, so the quality means it will last a long time.

You can build your own panels on their site, choosing different heights, widths, and colors for the dividers. Check them out!

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