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Fishing Bucket Sky Pans

Hans Terje Vestergaard from Keldan Church in Skálabotnur, Faroe Islands brings us this homemade sky pan lights.

From Hans: We made these homemade sky pans a bit different from the regular homemade sky pans. since we’re in the Faroe Islands, were only around 50,000 people live, we don’t have access to the same materials, since there’s no Walmart or anything like that around here. The Faroe Islands are known for the fishing, and therefore there are lots of fishing equipment shops around. I decided to use a fishing bucket as the pan. I used some Edison bulbs that I found laying around, and then used some microphone stands with heavy duty base. The full material list can be seen below:

5x fishing bucket
5x light sockets
Edison bulb
5x 4”x8” wood board
5x microphone stands with heavy duty base
white spray primer
bolts, washers, and nuts

Shatterboxes Above and Below

8 responses to “Fishing Bucket Sky Pans”

  1. joey palmer says:

    So Cool!

    How did you get the sockets attached to the mic stand and how did you get the fishing buckets secured to the mic stand?

    • Hans Terje Vestergaard says:

      To attach the sockets I drilled a hole, which was just too thight for the socket to fall through, and drilled directly through the bucket, as well as through the 4″x8″ Wood board, which was secured underneath the bucket with some screws. I then drilled two holes in the bottom of the socket, and secured the socket to the bucket, right above the hole. Then i ran the wire through the hole, and into the socket.

      For the fishing buckets to be secured to the mic stands, i drilled a hole into the wood board, which was just thight enough for a screw thread adapter for mic stands, to fit into, and then secured the screw thread adapters with some glue.

  2. Joey Palmer says:

    Thanks Hans!

    I’m having trouble finding the screw thread adapter for mic stands on the internet. Would you possibly be able to send me a link to what you used? Thank you so very much for the previous explanation! We are going to make 2 sky pans for our stage. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

  3. Ross Foster says:

    Looks so good! Love the way you used the resources available to you.

  4. Ethan says:

    What was the size of the bulb? any link from where you bought them?

    • Hans Terje Vestergaard says:

      i bought them in a small local shop. it was a pretty normal sized Edison bulb, like around three times the size of a normal bulb. Just make sure that the bulbs you are getting are Incandescent, and not LED bulbs, as LED bulbs are non-dimmable. here’s a link to some similar bulbs from Amazon:

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