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Throwback: Spheres and Trees

Zach Lee from Brand New Church in Harrison, Arkansas brings us this amazing set design…accomplished on $400.

To create this set they started with the 8’x8′ round white spheres made from cut out strips of 1/4″ luan. They used electrical tape to make them long enough and allow them to bend. The spheres were supported with broom sticks. Then they tied light rope to the spheres and hoisted them dynamically across the front of the stage. Each sphere costs them about $12 dollars.

Then they added painted trees to create the natural look. Zach cut down little scrub trees and spray painted then with 10 gallons of white paint. He put them on some elevated stages to create a height break, and used traditional par cans to light them. Most of the paint was donated by their local Sherwin Williams.

The thing that brought it all together was the use of the trusses. Amazing stage on an amazing budget!

Email if you want more details.

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19 responses to “Throwback: Spheres and Trees”

  1. joelwyant says:

    Very cool! I dig the creativity in this setup.

  2. awake creativity says:

    this is a testament to volunteers that kick it for the cause of Christ! So proud of
    thanks Jonathan for your creativity and inspiration!!

  3. awake creativity says:

    thanks man, great website!

  4. Tang says:

    very very very noice~

  5. TheRVK says:

    This is a great stage design, was this for a Christmas service or a sermon series? It's great because it incorporates so many lights/technology, but with the trees it still looks natural. Awesome blend.

  6. Ruth Marshall says:

    Fabulous !! I am always doing Church decorating and stage stuff/ budget, budget budget, we all know. And this one is amazing…. your talet and inspiration are a gift from God.

  7. Adam McIntyre says:

    So, the spheres are stunning. Is there a way to post a little more info into how they were constructed? I have been trying to decipher it from the pictures and the short description in the post. These are an amazing way to fill the “top space” that always is difficult to fill.

  8. JD says:

    This is super awesome. What type of trees are they?!

  9. Sue Lawe says:

    I am loving the sphere and I would love to include it in our church as well…. any help on the step by step procedure of making one?

    Be blessed!

  10. Barbie says:

    Beautiful..just a quick question…on the trees…how did you make them stand upright and sturdy? Thank you!

  11. Darren says:

    Thanks. Very Nice effects. We are going to attempt to use this in our church christmas carol event this year down here in Australia (it’s hot here!). Quick questions though – How did you attach the centre dowel to the ball rings? How did you fix the horizontal centre ring to all the other rings? I can’t figure it out from the photos or the instructions and I’m scared of splitting the luaun ply. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. I am also documenting our construction stages to post and help everyone else out once we get it finished and working.

  12. philip says:

    Could use more detailed assembly. how were the strips connected together in making a circle of the and how wide did you cut them.
    Did you use a single rope to hange then and was there any spining?
    thanks for any help you can give me.

  13. JD says:

    Hi- we made these for our church this xmas and they were very tough to make. we cut the strips an inch and a half thick and we used tape to attach the strips. turns out we could hve used a glue gun to attach them :) We put hooks on both ends of the balls and attached with super thin wire and they did not spin!!

    Hopefully this helps- good luck to you!

  14. M Mens says:

    Please check this link. May want to delete.

  15. Julio César says:

    Congratulations …
    Incredible white spheres … I would like to do. How do I?
    Which material used for the strips of the sphere?
    Thank you and God bless.


  16. zach lee says:

    my old blog is hacked! dont go there! I do all communicating through my fb page urban revival, I can answer questions about this set if that helps
    Crazy blessings
    Zach Lee
    woodland heights baptist church
    harrison ar

  17. Craig Taylor says:

    Please remove the link in the comments to awakecreativity – I clicked it before I read his “don’t go there” comment. It says my OS X now has viruses. I don’t know if that’s real or not, but save others the pain of going there! Hope it was just a stupid hack comment that means nothing.

  18. Craig Taylor says:


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