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Bryon Akerman from The Church of Acts in Oklahoma City, OK brings us this modern twist on a traditional stage design.

They are a church less than two years old and this is their first building. They wanted their stage to feel like its been there a while, with elements of a traditional church. They were given a 100 year old lectern/pulpit, which they refinished and used it as the basis of their stage.

They matched the lines and arches of the pulpit on the stage. The arches were made out of 1/4 cheap plywood and stained. Then they used 3/4′ foam sheets for the white overlaying arches. They trimmed it out with rope that they painted silver.

The columns were cardboard tubes for pouring concrete. They used actual column caps for the tops and bottom of the columns. They lit the interior of the columns with RGB strip lights and put up 1/4” wood sheets for the back drop of the Cross logo. The logo was made out of the same foam insulation sheets that they used for the arches. They hung it with l-brackets and put LED strip lights behind it.

Everything was purchased at their local Home Depot and the total cost of the look was about $1000.





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