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Gaps and Spaces

Rik Hedlund from Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas brings us this design (in his words) stealing the best of the best of CSDI.

Rik’s a huge proponent of the idea that there’s no real “creativity” – it’s just taking ideas and putting them together. Creativity, is just solving problems. (Feel free to argue below…should be fun.) :)

To get rid of the black holes under the side screens (where people would just disappear), he went for a Beaming look. He drilled 3″ holes through some sheets of Luan plywood to make the look. Then he threw some Par cans behind the walls.

To create the back wall he combined a few different designs. He started by studding out a wall with 2x4x16’s that they split into 2×2’s to save money. Then he added 1/8″ Luan plywood that they cut into 2’x2′ and 2’x4′ sections. Then he screwed them into the studs in a random pattern.

Finally he added some Marconi Edison-style bulbs he found online.

Overall cost was $500.

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9 responses to “Gaps and Spaces”

  1. Andrew T says:

    Love the look! Way to combine different designs and make it your own! (lose the music stands, though…)

  2. Rik Hedlund says:

    Yeah, we’ve been trying to get there, in regard to music stands. Our singers don’t use them, but our band still does. We’ll get there.

  3. Cole says:

    I love the random light bulbs in the ceiling tied together with the holes in the planks lit up from behind. Great Work!

  4. Brandon H says:

    Great design! What kind of lights are you using from behind? They are super sharp and bright with great rays coming out.

  5. Bill Pendleton says:

    LOve this design. simple ideas yet stuffed full of layers of designs. wonderful.

  6. Jordan G says:

    Hey Rik, as far as the plywood under the screens, did you put anything behind them? like if the lights were off and i looked through one of the holes what would I see? A wall? More wood? Just curious…

  7. wes amick says:


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