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Tyler Wachter from Lynwood Baptist Church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri brings us a very pallet Christmas design.

They liked the idea of using pallets to make a backdrop for the Christmas program at their church. Every single pallet they used was donated to them from a member at their church who collects them from a local company.

The wall was roughly 12′ high and over 30′ wide. All of the pallets in the center were exactly the same size and they made four separate pieces to be taken apart and carried out one at a time. It was stood up by building legs for it and then it was attached at the top of the wall. The sides were random sized pallets just combined to make a stair step down.

Then they used other boards that were donated to them by another member of the church and built on stage decoration to go in front of the keyboard, drums, one guitarist, and our tv monitor that sits in the front of the stage.

They spent roughly $50 on unlit garland that was attached to the wood with a staple gun. The lit garland and the trees were all items that they already had  at the church for a couple years that they just repurposed for the stage. They also spent roughly $50-$60 on about 12-13 strands of 100 count white Christmas lights which were hung by one piece of gaffers tape at the top of the pallets then covered with garland. All of the Christmas lights were on a dimmer and they could control when they came on and were turned off during the program. All of the colored lights were lights that were bought years ago.

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  1. Barry & Marilyn Booth says:

    Creative idea!!! Looks great!

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