Christmas Designs

Twiggy Christmas

Eddy Foye from Chets Creek Church in Jacksonville, FL brings us these trees on their stage.

They simply cut down some trees that had no leaves on them, they spray painted them white outside. They placed them in buckets with sand in them to keep them from tipping over, and placed them on their stage.

photo 1[2].JPG

photo 3.JPG

The First Christmas 2

The First Christmas 3

The First Christmas photo 2.JPG

Glittery & Mangerish Ski Ball

One response to “Twiggy Christmas”

  1. Eddy Foye says:

    I wanted to make one correction to our build process above. We actually used concrete in the buckets. We put 2 different size PVC sleeves into the concrete. We decided to use 2 and different sizes for future use of the buckets if we ever needed them again.

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