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Ski Ball

Duane Loux from Grace Community Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas brings us this mashup of different ideas from the site.

They reused a lot of items like the the paper lanterns from a previous wedding, and all lighting was reused. The gray curtains were already up from a past stage design as well. They did purchase the tube forms. They used sixteen 48″ Tubes which cost $200 from a big box hardware store.

They used sixteen 12″ cheap paper lanterns, concrete form tubes, fishing line, and various zip ties.

For the circle backdrop, they took the concrete form tubes and cut them in 4″ sections with a table saw. They zip tied them together in 2 layers to create the pattern. They attached the lanterns to each other to create various lengths and heights, with different sized lanterns. They had 12 volunteers that completed the setup in about 6 hours.






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One response to “Ski Ball”

  1. Pastor Tk says:

    Brilliant church decoration. Thoughtful and classic

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