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Ornaments and Trails

Jess Klingenberger from Rock City Church in Baltimore, MD brings us this design inspired by Spheres and Trees.

They started with a Christmas theme and created the 7 1/2′ diameter balls out of 1/4 inch luan strips—about 24ft long with a 2×3 board as the axis. They painted them with aluminum Rustoleum and added glitter. They were screwed together and hung by steel cables.

The smaller balls were made from strips of FRP panels (smaller luan strips do not bend as well).

The Christmas tree was 14′ high and framed with cinder block reinforcing wire attached to a 1×3 wood backing painted black. The cinder block reinforcing was bowed for a three dimensional appearance. They clipped strips of white felt and Christmas lights with binder clips and lit the tree in different colored stage lights. (They used red material last year, but realized the the white material was more versatile if you want to light the tree in different colors.)

They transitioned into their New Years stage by taking down the tree and adding the “chains”. These were made with a mylar material that was donated to them. They cut strips and bunched them together with zip ties. They chose white light for this stage, but they looked great in color as well. They have also wrapped parts of the chain in colored floral foil at times for a different effect.

1photo 3.JPG

2photo 4.JPG


photo 1.JPG


Ski Ball Choosing LED Stage Lights—Beams

One response to “Ornaments and Trails”

  1. Neville Lauridsen says:

    Looks fantastic.

    We did a similar thing a couple of years ago with balls
    Very effective. It was great that you could use all the hard work for Christmas and new year with a few changes.


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