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Matt Hemmele from Northwoods Community Church in Peoria, IL brings us this home run stage design.

Materials used:
16) 1/4 inch pink foam *use the panels that have the tongue and groove
22) 1″ x 6″ x 8′ boards
Foam Adhesive
Ballast of some kind
Overhead projector and transparency
Projector with ipad running PHONTO app
Blizzard Pixelstorm 240 for up lighting

The Process:
Take two panels and put them together, using something heavy to push them tight together. Take two of the boards and attach them to the foam using foam adhesive. Lay something heavy on the boards to ensure a good bond, and let sit overnight. Flip them over and painted them with a light grey color. They took the extra boards and cut them to lengths to make a little prop in the back. Because they needed the panels to be straight up and down, they couldn’t allow them to lean back on a leg. So they used some ballast from our old an fly system and weighted them down. It worked perfectly. Once they had them up and got the curve they wanted, they used scrap Coroplast to help tighten them up to get the panels as seamless as possible. After that they taped off the yellow paint at the top of the wall and used stencils for the home run distances.

They printed off their Home Run artwork to a transparency and used that to paint on the HOME RUN. For the sides that say NORTHWOODS STADIUM, they used a projector connected to an iPad and used an app called PHONTO to get the right font they were looking for. They added some up lighting.











Beacon Poles Dimly Lit Crosses

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