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Jeremy Courtright from Journey Church in Raleigh, NC brings us these awesome DIY fixtures.

From Jeremy: After spending over 100 hours soldering, we finished our design at 4:30 am on a Sunday morning. The design has 3 layers of foam board mainly because of price for that much material.

The solid back layer was 4′ x 4′ with a 2″ border.

The second layer had 8 inch holes drilled out for the LED tape light to be hot glued into place. The LED tape like went around every circle and around the outer edge of the second layer.

The front and third layer covered the send layer and the LED tape lights and had 6″ holes. The LED’s were alternating and we have control of the outside square and 2 combinations of a checkerboard pattern.

Our budget was $3500 and we may have gone over just a little when we added some LED tape lights around the top of the 2 risers on stage.

LED Tape Lights:
LED Tape Light Channel:
LED Tape Light Decoder:
LED Tap Light Power:

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One response to “LED Boards”

  1. Hans Vestergaard says:

    Awesome! How many decoder channels did you use in total?

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