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LED Rain

D.J. Serrecchia from Genesis Church in Medford, New York, Long Island brings us this awesome LED Pixel Tape design.

From D.J.: We were looking to change our stage design of 4+ years, a wood pallet wall with LED Uplighting. After discussions 4 months prior to the installation, we agreed upon a design of LED Strip Lights to light the wall vertically. No budget was otherwise discussed at a number, rather than to keep it cheap without breaking the bank. The next months went into myself buying my own materials to test what would work best. We ended up turning to LED Pixel Tape WS2812B 5Meter by Alitove (150RGB Pixels). Planning and prepping for the next months as much as possible.

We upgraded our lighting console from an older Elation Magic 260 to the ETC Nomad running EOS on a 22” Touch Screen, 20” Monitor, Azzulle Byte Plus (NUC Styled PC) running Windows 10. I also programmed a Cherry SPOS Keyboard for all the shortcut keys of the console and making a programming wing at a 1/16th of the cost of an actual fader wing made by ETC. Following that I figured that the console may have been to robust for the staff at my church as they are not technically inclined. I got a SM-8 created by Springtree LED. This is an 8-scene wall panel that I had recorded presets for the staff for events that do not require a lighting board operator or require special effects. I found a DMX512 to SPI Converter specifically for that seemed to work best for the Pixel Tape next.

After testing its Data Capabilities, we picked up two that I planned on setting them as a following in the forward direction and the other in reverse. The Data would run into a buss bar and distribute the data among 10 Up Direction Pixel Strips, and 10 Down Direction Pixel Strips. We next then talked about adding LED backlights. With that I planned on reutilizing what we had used as uplighting on the wood pallet wall for backlighting. The plan was then set in place end of July 2018 where what was happening.

We were planning on using 16 5Meter Pixel Strips and 5 2Meter Pixel Strips hanging vertically about 1.5 feet spaced on the stage and more upstage it got as wide spread as 4 feet apart to show depth of the stage. The stage (also reference pictures) is 16 feet high walls, deeper the stage about 20 feet on each side going upstage. and the stage was built about 2 feet off the ground.

Tear down of the pallets wall began after services on August 26th. The staff went in to respackle and paint the wall black as by that Wednesday I would be coming to begin the installation. Installation taking Two Days, One Day to hang all the Pixel Strips and Rigging for Backlights which was hung on a 10 foot section of Superstrut Kindorf safety and secured to the over head I-Beam. All Cables were able to sit comfortably inside the Kindorf channel to conceal and use less tying methods for easy troubleshooting; the Second Day being for cabling and wiring to a Panel in which I found I built from an old Murray Breaker Panel that was no long in use. I housed the Power Supply, Positive & Negative Busses, Data Buss, and DMX to SPI Converters.

The Days following that would consist of resetting the stage for the band and sound equipment to be reset, as well as programming the new LED strips into the console.

The Rig now consists of 7 BackLights, 7 Top Lights (for Each Band Member 1 per), 20 Strips of Pixel Tape running 150 Pixels (about 450 Addresses), our FOH LED SLIM PARS for additional color; 16 PAR Can 56’s, and 2 ETC Source Fours 26 degrees.

Diamonds and Arrows Wedding Stage Design

24 responses to “LED Rain”

  1. DJ Serrecchia says:

    If anyone would like a list of the equipment used I would be happy to provide it!!!

  2. Ebi david says:

    Please can I know the size of the projector screen and the model of projector used. Thanks

  3. Ebi david says:

    Please can u provide details of the size of the projector screen and the model of projector used. Thanks

  4. Keith says:

    I would love to have a list of the equipment used….

  5. Josh says:

    Any chance you could still send an equipment list? This is a great look….email it to

  6. Justin Browning says:

    Can you also send me a list of parts used?

  7. chris says:

    Can you also send me a list of parts used?

  8. Jay Cochenour says:

    Please send a list of supplies to



  9. selica james says:

    Looks Amazing! Please send me the equipment list! Thank you!

  10. leyvaine davids says:

    looks awesome can you send me the list also please

  11. Alejandro Castellon says:


  12. ian says:

    I would love the list please send it my way, our church wants to start using pixel tape as well and we have no clue on how to do it.

  13. John says:

    I’d also love to hear more about what you used. I’m doing a pixel tape setup but running into issues with voltage drop on the 5v ws2812b strips we got. I’m especially interested in how you guys handled power distribution. Thanks! (

  14. Teklite Rep. says:

    To Everyone Replying for a Supply List!

    Please Send an email to

    They have been handed off with the service of the equipment and can get you a list!

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