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LED Rect

Drew Middlebrooks from ThreeLife Church in LaGrange, GA brings us this great use of LED tape.

The main element of this design consisted of ten 2′ wide by 6′ tall LED rectangles. Each was individually controlled as an RGBW fixture. Drew has done several RGB LED tape designs before this one, and he wanted to step things up a notch.

This time he went with an RGBW strip as opposed to the commonly seen RGB. He patched the RGB as a standard fixture but then patched the white channel of each square as an individual dimmer channel. This allowed them the use of some nice “layering effects” by blending a white intensity effect over a solid color or over a color effect. It also greatly increased the white output of the design to give much more punch when needed.

For Easter, they modified the design somewhat to include an 8′ tall LED tape cross design into the middle of the set. Each segment of the cross was individually controlled to allow for some unique effects. The structure of the pieces was simple 1/2″ PVC painted black.

Other set elements included 10 moving profile fixtures 12 +/- LED pars and some incandescent can lights for a blinder effect. Without the drivers, each square came in at about $30.






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4 responses to “LED Rect”

  1. Ryland says:

    Did you use Supernight RGBW tape? Can you link to which one you used?

  2. Mike says:

    Interested in how you wired this up, and dimensions on your rectangles and cross? Do you mind sharing?

  3. Mike says:

    Did you use 2×4’s for the squares? Are they free stranding or hung from the truss?

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