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Light Chimes

Javier Negron/Rich Henrie from Bethel Assembly of God in Jessup, MD brings us these PVC pipe pieces.

From the team: We were looking for a stage design that was simple, could be updated easily, and could be removed from the stage for special services such as weddings and funerals. This was no easy task. Worship Director Javier Negron came up with the idea to make portable stage frames that could be used for various designs, which also had the lights attached directly to them so we could simply unplug the lights and wheel the frames off stage. This is how we came up with the design for our movable stage frames.

For the frames, we already had 2×4 frames that were used for scenery for an Easter program. We removed the canvas from them that had the painted scene, put “feet” on them with casters and painted them black. They were slightly taller than the 8′ curtain that we currently have as a backdrop on our stage, so we had to cut them down about 4-5″ so they were the same height as the curtain.

Next, we created a small shelf on the bottom to attach the LED light bars. We are using an ADJ Mega Bar RGBA (42″) and an ADJ Mega Bar 50 RGB (22″) on each frame, which covers the width of the frame. To prevent the light from going past the top of the frame to the ceiling (and onto our screen), we stapled pieces of black poster board to the top of the frame (not shown in the pictures).

For our first design with the new frames, we purchased 2 different sizes of PVC pipe, 1.25″ and 1.5″. We cut these into 1′, 2′ and 3′ pieces. We screwed cup hooks into the frames on the under side of the top cross bar and started hanging the PVC from them using plant wire. We drilled holes on either side of the PVC at each end so we could connect them to each other using the plant wire. This allowed us to place them in a line, but have spacing between them. We were planning to clean all of the writing off of all of the PVC, but could not find anything that would work. Since we only have them facing one way, we were able to turn the PVC so all of the writing was facing the back of the stage.

Since we had most of the materials, we only had to buy the casters and the PVC pipe. We ordered the casters online. We bought the PVC at a local home improvement store in 10′ sections. We bought 8 of each size and spent around $100 on the pipe. The only other cost was paint and some screws.

We are already planning our next design with the frames and only need to remove the PVC and attach our next design.

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3 responses to “Light Chimes”

  1. Kate Ruude says:

    Great design!
    I use GS Gaffer to design my stages.
    Their address is:
    Check them out.

  2. Johnny says:

    Javier, Rich, Jon, & David, did an outstanding job on this stage design. And, the fact that it can be reassembled to almost any design we desire is wonderful. I have received nothing but great comments on this stage design. These are my guys and I really appreciate the time, effort, creative thinking, and commitment they put into making Bethel’s stage look very presentable. I am a proud Papa-Pastor to have these guys on TeamBethel! /drg/

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