Stage Designs

Log Stacks

Shawn Rinkenbaugh from Generations Church in Andover, Kansas brings us this stack of logs on their stage.

Their inspiration came from the Mountains and Stars stage design. Shawn really loved the idea of a stack of wooded logs as well. They went on craigslist and searched for people giving away firewood. They also went out to a church member’s home and cut down some trees knocked down from a storm last year.

Materials used:

4 sheets of 1/2″ 4′ x 8′ Plywood @ $15.67
12 6′ 2×4’s
4 8′ 2×4’s

Wood Logs:
They gathered a good amount of Branch sized – Stump sized logs. They were all free. Once they got the wood to the church they took a chainsaw and cut them into slivers that ranged from 2″ – 4″.

How they built it:
They built a frame to support the logs so they wouldn’t fall over during the service. The frame was 8′ x 6′, and they painted it with a flat black paint. They simply took the slivers of logs they cut, and screwed them into the frame. Then they set the LED stage lights to accent the wood log stacks.







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