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Long Way Home

Dave VanKeulen and Kara Raimer from Impact Church in Lowell, MI brings us this rustic stage design.

Their goal for this set design was to embed technology (band equpiment, LED lighting, TV screens, etc.) into an antique, road trip-themed teaching series called ‘The Long Way Home’. Decor featured donated antique barn hardwood flooring for TV frames, donated weathered palettes, and great deals found at local antique shops for lighting stacks and prop clusters. Cheap stick lamps and carefully placed vintage license plates gave a unique attention to detail that really raised the bar for their team.

LED wash lighting with a few moving fixtures onstage, in combination with individually powered screens created a huge variety of looks for the series which lasted over 10 weeks.







You've Got a Friend in Me Cross = Love

2 responses to “Long Way Home”

  1. Eliot Raimer says:

    Love The pallets!!!!!!!!

  2. Weston Balogh says:

    We did this and had an issue with fire codes. Did you have the same issue or did you find a way around it?

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