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Throwback: Ninja Turtles?

This design submitted by Rik Hedlund from Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas brings me back to my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles days on the first Nintendo systems. (Originally posted August 2011)

They created it using Polycarbonite roofing panels with American DJ punch lights to splash color on them. The panels were hung using white planter chain to keep the white look going between the panels.

They left the back wall bare, providing the awesome brick texture that adds so much to the design.

Helpful tip: if you want to cut the panels, a little time, precision and scissors does the trick. Shortcuts like a radial saw will just throw plastic shrapnel everywhere and leave you with “not so smooth” edges. There will be blood…

Don’t know what I’m talking about with the whole Ninja Turtles theme? Play the game…it rocks…

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4 responses to “Throwback: Ninja Turtles?”

  1. Adam Reed says:

    Did you use the clear Polycarbonite panels or the grey ones?

  2. Rik says:

    They are white… Light can go through them but they are not transparent. I did look at the grey panels but but went with the white so they will pop against the background.

  3. steven says:

    we’re constructing something similar this weekend…
    I read your note about cutting…we were going to use a table saw..but looks like that might be a bad idea.
    Scissors don’t seem to be too strong / straight for the job. Thoughts?

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