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Throwback: Ornated

Harry Frankenfeld from Northshore Community Church in Kirkland, WA brings us this ornate design. (Originally posted June 2016)

From Harry: We do 4-5 stage designs a year. However, last year, I started using a core design, or design element, and tweaking parts of it for each new look. That gets the most mileage out of my time, and lets me invest a bit more into stage elements.

This year, I liked the look of ModScenes’ Samurai panels. ModScenes makes precut ~2′ square fire-resistant Coroplast panels, and they come with hardware to configure them into many different design elements. The asymmetrical design of this particular panel appealed to me visually, while the flexibility of the product worked well with my annual-stage-investment plan. The panels run about $90/set of 4, so they are on the higher side, but when I bought, they gave a bulk discount. We have a large stage space, so it takes quite a bit to give it a complete feel.

The panels are quite easy to work with. They ship with some connector pieces that reinforce the joint, and either steel or nylon bolts and wing nuts – you choose what hardware you want when you order. I went with nylon, because I wanted the joints to disappear from the room.

A coworker and I assembled the panels into 4’x4′ panels, which we then assembled in the air into 4’x16′ flat columns, using 1/8″ aircraft cable and Gripples – you could use something less sturdy, but we use aircraft cable and Gripples a lot, so we had them in inventory. I hung some white RoseBrand polysheen panels, which we already had in inventory, about a foot behind the columns. I then washed the polysheen and the columns with LED wash lights – these are older ETC Vivids, but a lot of fixtures will do the job.

I’ve had a great response to this set. I think it evokes a different response from different people, sorta like Rorschach ink blots. Some see a tribal pattern, some see stained glass, some see crystalline patterns. But it’s given us a beautiful set to light, that flexes with a wide variety of music and moods.











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2 responses to “Throwback: Ornated”

  1. kara fowler says:

    This is absolutely AMAZING!!! Love the look!

  2. lucasadvir says:

    What the total cost of the modscenes that you have used?

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