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Ian Isaak from Briercrest College and Seminary in Caronport, Saskatchewan brings us this wonderful combination of Taste the Rainbow and some arching fabric.

They built this design for their youth conference. They were inspired by Taste the Rainbow, so they built the wall. They took Coroplast and sliced it into 1’x2′ sheets. Then they used studs to dowels to create the various levels and the zig zag pattern. (Check Taste the Rainbow for more details.)

They also used draped fabric and suspended it from their truss to create a “ceiling” effect to the stage. They rented some  trusses, LED bars/cans, fabric and Mac250 moving fixtures for the conference.

They Call It Window Pain WFX Winners

9 responses to “Overarching”

  1. Duane dodge says:

    Hey guys this looks awesome great job

  2. Steve says:

    Are those pieces really only 1’x2′. That background seems much taller than 8’tall given the height of the people on stage? Maybe it’s just perspective. Love the idea though, looks amazing!

  3. Christopher says:

    No the wall itself I believe was 16′ high so the pieces were 2X4. I have some footage of this set up I will post sometime.

  4. Andrew Hunt says:

    Oooo, love it! Nice work! I’ve been wanting to do overhead fabrics for a while. I think you did a great job with it. I looks fantastic. :)

  5. Susan says:

    Hey! Can you tell me what type of overhead fabric you used? I’m trying to do a similar thing. Thanks!!

  6. Lenie says:

    I too am very interested in the details of this fabric and lighting. Thinking of doing overhead to give a starry night affect for Christmas.

  7. Ian Isaak says:

    Hey Guys,
    Sorry for the delay, I don’t jump on this site too often.

    The fabric was just white 5’x15′ strips of cotton (bed sheet type) material. We rented them from our lighting company. We had 6 in total, with LED bars on the truss above the fabric to warm/colour. The goal was that they provide a “ceiling” to the stage, and I think they worked well.

  8. Chad Overton says:

    I am interested in the construction of the wall. Could you please email me a diagram or instructions on how this was constructed asap! I love this!

  9. Rocky Montenegro says:

    How can I get a building diagram of this wall?

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