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Paneled Series’

Tom Ohmit from RiverLakes Community Church in Bakersfield, CA, brings us this stage design perfect for their sermon series’.

This design features full artwork from their summer series, “Grow Up”. The backdrop structure was constructed with 2x4s and backed with semi-clear Coroplast. The black horizontal boards that break the backdrop up into a grid are placed to hide the seams of the Coroplast. To get the image up, they printed onto 3′ strips of clear film using their HP Designjet printer. It took almost 2 full days for 2 people to hang the artwork and line up the edges for a seamless image. The film was hung vertically on the backside of the Coroplast. The backdrop was then backlit with Chauvet Colorado 1 LED par fixtures.

With the LED fixtures, they designed about a half dozen color schemes, ranging from “natural” that showed the true color of the print, to various saturated colors that washed out the print color.

The backdrop structure was in place from the previous series and materials were donated, but the estimated cost would have been around $250.

The Coroplast sheets were $14 per 4’x8′ sheet and they used a total of 16 sheets (including the side pieces).

The printing of the image cost the most, at about $500 for the film and ink.

The last picture is what the backdrop looks like without the artwork.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

SALT Nashville Massive Pallet Wall

3 responses to “Paneled Series’”

  1. Robert Johnson says:

    Not an original idea…seen it before on a comedy show stage….

  2. Robert Johnson says:

    Just curious…why does a church need a “set” for their stage? I am a believer that God really doesn’t need all the lights and backdrop. I would be concerned about a church that is has the smoke and mirrors. Is there a problem with the message?

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