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SALT Nashville

Have you heard about SALT Nashville yet? It’s a conference for visual worshipers in Nashville, October 21-23rd. And guess what, if you design stages, you’re a visual worshiper. That’s what stage design is all about, visual worship! That’s why you need to get to this conference.

I’ll be speaking at SALT Nashville (you can see my mug above). And to show their love of CSDI, they’re giving away one free registration to a CSDI reader and a 15% off coupon code to anyone who wants to register.

The coupon code, good for 15% off registration, is CHURCHSTAGE. Enter it in at checkout.

And register below to win one free registration to the SALT Nashville conference.

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2 responses to “SALT Nashville”

  1. STEVE says:

    is your code for SALT still good? i tried it and it didn’t work

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