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Perfectly Plastic

Steven Hall from Northland Church in Longwood, Florida brings us this plastic stage design.

They needed a stage design for their youth building, so they chose to use clear plastic. It worked! It’s very reflective and takes light awesome. So they bought 2 20×30′ sheets of clear plastic from Home Depot. They used a few layers of gaff tape at the bottom and top of the drape and cut small holes into the tape to act as grommets. The total cost of the materials was under $150.

One thing they learned quickly though, was that it looks very tacky if you have much incandescent white hit it. They had to make adjustments to their front lighting to make it work for the message.

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9 responses to “Perfectly Plastic”

  1. jeff sutley says:

    very cool idea…looks awesome

  2. leyvaine says:

    whats the breakdown of your design please

  3. Steven Hall says:

    The Design was very simple. I got plastic sheeting from home depot. ( I then took and covered the top and bottom 4 inches in Gaff tape. I cut small holes every foot and added tie line. I then tied the drape to the truss and sand bags to keep it tension-ed.

    I used 6 Studio Color 575s and 12 Versabar 270s to light the drop. All of them were real close to the drop to create streaks of light.

  4. Tina Swinford says:

    Could you show any pics of how it looked during the message? I’d love to see how it looks with the lights up.

    Love the site, btw. Truly inspiring!

  5. Tyler Jacobs says:

    Steven, you do awesome work! Keep it up

  6. Steven Hall says:

    Tina, I am sorry I don’t have any pictures with light bleeding onto the drop. We arranged so that our youth pastor spoke downstage of where the drape was. If you look at it in your local hardware store that is about what it looks like. It is very shiny and looks kinda cheap when there is incadescant light. That being said it might work good with a construction type set.

    Tyler, Thanks


  7. Raphi says:

    Wow, such amazing. Can someone tell me where to get this Motion-Backgrounds for the projector for free? Would be glad.
    Thanks and blessings,

  8. Steven Hall says:

    Raphi, Thanks for the kind words. You can also try They have some nice free loops. We purchase a lot of ours from the jump back series from Digital Juice ( Hope this helps.


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