Stage Designs

Pick-Up Sticks

Garrett Walker from Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, FL brings us this awesome gigantic game of pick-up sticks on their stage.

They used 4×8 sheets of luan plywood, cut down to 3”, 6” and 10” strips to create this back drop. They painted 1/3 of them grey, 1/3 of them off white, and they left the last 1/3 natural. Using 3 different tones helped break up the pattern, and helped bring different effects when lit by LEDs.

Tips: Paint all of the luan before you cut them. Use a large sturdy table saw to cut through multiple sheets of luan at a time.

They stapled these strips up to their 2×4 grid that was painted black. They also made 2 crosses out of 10×1” pieces of lumber. They distressed the front with wood planes to give it a textured look. The cross was hollow and housed a power strip and a few extension chords that had lightbulbs plugged into them. Here’s a link to the Outlet-to-Socket plugs they used for the light bulbs.

They controlled the lights behind the crosses with a dimmer.

They also got a few gobo’s that looked like the backdrop, to light up the side walls of their Auditorium. Here’s a link.

Dirty Tiny Lines