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Psalm Fence

Daniel Bozman and Najla Bray from First Baptist Port Charlotte in Port Charlotte, FL brings us this stage design for their eight month series on Psalms.

The fence came from a hardware store, and the fake plant materials and metal letters were purchased at Hobby Lobby. The fence was supported in back by simple 2×3 brackets weighed down with surplus bricks they already had. They painted the phrase under the metal letters by using an old transparency projector, and tracing the outline. They used their existing lighting. The rake, which they already had as well, was attached to the fence with a single chain link drilled through the wood. Total cost for the project was ~$500. The plant materials were by far the largest portion of that cost.

Worship Center - Psalms01




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  1. Glendale says:

    This is a great idea!

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