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Roughin’ It

Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this camping set design for kids.

They did a series called “Roughin’ It” and designed this set to illustrate. They made this stage with stuff they mostly had on hand. They used recycled items such as the artificial grass, fire-pit rocks, fire, lake water and some of the tree framing and material.

The tent was an easy 6×9 pop up. The kettle tripod and the 14′ canoe were borrowed. One tree was from the previous stage design before, just moved and the others were made from either styrofoam sheets painted or brown craft paper and chicken wire stuffed with tissue paper. The fire was very simple, as they made a circle with the feather rocks they have used numerous times over the last 5 years, a string of large red Christmas lights and a set on mini lights where the bulbs were switched out with two other strings to only have yellow and red lights. The lights were mixed in the pit and a couple handful of plastic fall decorative leaves were piled on along with a few 2-3 inch sticks.

They took some recycled foam columns and covered them in crumpled brown kraft paper and painted and rolled at the edges to make a hallow log. And no camping theme would be complete without some critters running around. They used stuffed raccoons, rabbits, squirrels and a possum. And to add a few finishing touches, they added a first aid kit, rope, sleeping bag, lanterns and a walking stick, paddles and a fishing pole to the canoe. The kettle was also used to collect the offering in.

Time to complete: 13 hours
Total cost: $22







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