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Throwback: Saved by the Boards

Doug Volk from Crosspoint Church in Morehead, KY brings us these portable panels that look like they lived in the Saved by the Bell intro. (Originally posted April 2014)

They wanted something with height and portability. They are a portable church and have to load everything on trailers after every Sunday. They meet at a High School Auditorium that holds a lot of nice conventional lighting. So all they have to move in are 14 LED fixtures. They have 10 Chauvet Slim Pro Tri-pars and 4 ADJ Mega Tri Bars.

They decided on 4’x8′ flats using 4’x8′ sheets of Coroplast (white and black), 2″x3″s for the Frames, 2×4″s for the legs, and a sheet of 1/4″ 4×8 sheet of plywood for support. They cut the triangles out of black Coroplast with varying sizes and randomly placed them on each flat with adhesive. We also used loose stage hinges from Rosco to attach the legs to the flats so they could have them loose in the trailer. Then they built a cart for the flats to lay on their side so they could put them in and out of the trailer easily. They had extra lumber for this and it didn’t cost them for this project. Total cost was under $350.

Break the Looking Glass and Dorito Wall were inspirations.










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3 responses to “Throwback: Saved by the Boards”

  1. Mr. Jones says:

    Wow this is awesome! what a great idea, cant wait to take it back to my people at church. So innovative and Saved By The Bell…. Well that show speaks for its self.

    Jesus + Saved By The Bell Design = AMAZING!

  2. Tommy says:

    Wow, i am in love with this. Want to find out how the supporting stand was made…Are they pinned to the floor of stage?

  3. noba says:

    I just love this

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