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Sign Structure

Winnie Lo from The Vine Church in Hong Kong brings us this cool stage prop/sign.

Event: Justice Conference Asia 2016

Materials: Acrylic Plastic, LED light tape, light tube, banner fabric, Coroplast sheets
Budget: 5000 HKD

– 550 x 1700mm white box, opening at the back
– 220mmH 550mmD “TOGETHER” letters, opening at the back, with a hole for cabling

White box:
Winnie bought the black and red banner fabric from a stationary shop. Then she measured the box face sizes, cut them out, and cut out the circles. For the letters and the JCA flower logo, Winnie printed out the actual size and stuck the paper on top of the banner fabric to cut them out.

Then Winnie got two T5 light tubes, installed them on the back plate of the box, and ran the cable out.

Winnie got some Coroplast sheets and cut out the internal size of the letters. She stuck the LED light tape on the Coroplast sheets to chase the strokes. Then she connected all the the LEDs inside the letters to the 24v transformer.

In Gear Plastic Shingles

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