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Soft Crosses

Pat Miller and Brandon Stephens from Faithbridge Church in Spring, TX bring us this soft Easter backdrop.

They constructed three plywood framed crosses; open on the back, white Coroplast on the front and a layer of black landscape fabric on the sides. The large center cross was then covered front and sides with crumpled bright aluminum screen. The smaller crosses were covered with crumpled charcoal (black) aluminum screen. The crumpled screen created some interesting looks depending on how you lit it.

They backlit the large center cross with six Chauvet Colorband Pix fixtures inside and lined the sides inside with aluminum foil to maximize the light. This gave it a white glowing effect. They used their inventory of Chauvet Tri-Tour LED pars on the floor in front and hung above to light the fronts of all the crosses. The front lighting was positioned close to the crosses to better catch the texture of the crumpled screen. The “rays of light” coming from the center cross were done with some donated shear white fabric. All of the crosses were supported from above with steel cables as well as screwed down to plywood bases.

They spent about $600 on each stage for plywood, Coroplast, aluminum screen, landscape fabric, foil and fasteners. The LED lights were all from their inventory.

Easter Rehearsal 4 3 Cross Stage 6 3 Cross Stage 5 Easter Rehearsal 3 Sunday Rehearsal Easter Rehearsal 2 Testing internal lighting Building new stage 4 Building new stage 3 Building new stage 2 Building new stage 1 3 Cross Stage 4 3 Cross Stage 3 3 Cross Stage 2 Easter Rehearsal

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