Stage Designs

Stacked Bars

Judah Thomas from Thrive.Church in Terryville, CT brings us this Coroplast design.

From Judah: We are currently in a converted building and have a very small stage with not much height due to our mechanicals. We wanted to create a simple stage design to give some visual interest and be easy to change the mood of the room.

We purchased several sheets of corrugated plastic from Home Depot and cut it into 1′ widths. Some of our panels at 1’x8′ and others are 1’x4′.

We had some pipe and bases from our pipe and drape system we used when we were a portable church that we spray painted black and simply attached the corrugated plastic to with zip ties.

We illuminate the panels with Blizzard HOTBOXs from above and Blizzard HOTSTIKs from below.

Not including the lights, this stage cost us around $100 and took about 4-6 hours to setup.

Psalm Prints Off the Chains

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