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Throwback: Twist and Shout!

Peter Good at Glad Tidings Assembly of God in West Lawn, Pennsylvania brings us these super duper retro squares. (Originally posted June 2011)

Inspired by some pieces Peter found on, he created these squared from white Coroplast (corrugated plastic). The larger pieces were 4’x4′, the smaller were 2’x2′. He created the templates from 1/2″ plywood and cut the pieces with a utility knife. He rounded the edges with a can lid. The pieces were hung with “decorative chain” from Lowes. The chain came in flat black…so not painting necessary.

The chain ensures each piece hangs a consistent distance. Plus, if you use an odd number of links, the pieces will lay flat. If you use an even number of links the pieces will twist. He chose to use 6 links so the pieces would twist.

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5 responses to “Throwback: Twist and Shout!”

  1. Chad Pippin says:

    Fantastic! Love it.

  2. Luis says:

    Love your work! I would like to know what was your material, and how much it cost you?

    • Jonathan Malm says:

      hey Luis! The material was corrugated plastic. It’s the stuff they make real estate signs out of. It comes in 4’x8′ sheets for around $12 each.

  3. Vince says:

    Peter, is this still possible to rent or even buy? We are small church looking to upgrade our look. I tried to click the email link but it would connect.

  4. Mike Fowler says:

    Where were your LED’s placed to light up the squares?

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