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Written Cross

Janet Kolb from Spirit of Truth Church in Burnsville, Mn brings us this cross design.

From Janet: We based this on a previous design: Jumbled Names. We chose words reflecting the impact of the crucifixion and resurrection.

The cross was constructed with 1×4 and 1×6 wooden boards, and a small piece of plywood in the center. The boards were painted with a flat/matte finish and then distressed to accomplish a rugged cross look. Phrases were painted and then cut to size.

We attached the boards into four sections by drilling 1×4’s across the back, then connected each section with additional 1×4 bracing. We used black lights to reflect the fluorescent paint.

The final dimensions were approx 9′ x 6′. It was very heavy. We ended up resting in on the stage floor due to weight and wired it to the wall for additional support.

Materials and cost: paint $40, wood $30, wood screws $3.00. Black light rental $60. Final cost without black lights: $75; with lights $135.

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